Upcoming Exhibitions and Programs

Upcoming shows and programming in 2017 

John Dean: Buford Highway Glyphs Bruce Johnson: Exercise in Restraint

February 1st – March 1st, 2018

Bruce Johnson is obsessed with painting arrest photos of civil rights advocates from the mid-50’s in Montgomery, Alabama, most of them from the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It is his belief that America has lost something more important in recent years than predominance in the world economy; it is our ability to discern what is important and act upon it. These images, for him, epitomize that on many levels. Each of these brave individuals risked something different, notoriety, income, family, beliefs, safety, but they risked it all collectively.

Bio: Bruce is an artist living in Atlanta that specializes in painting and photographing the figure using a wide variety of media. His work is largely split between lenticular photography and simple painting materials.