Public Art Certification Form & Policies


Public Art Certification Form

In order to obtain a permit for public art, you must submit a packet of information for signature to the Office of Transportation, the Urban Design Commission, and the Office of Cultural Affairs. Once the signatures are obtained, the packet must be submitted and passed by the Atlanta City Council. We recommend that you contact the council member for the district in which the public art will be located to request the support of that council member in assisting the necessary legislation for final communication.

For reference, find a City of Atlanta district map here. And find the corresponding Council members to contact, here.

Temporary Art Permit Application (for Freedom Park)

Please contact Haley Carlson with any questions regarding these processes.

[email protected]; 404-546-6980

Send your completed Public Art Certification Form or Temporary Art Permit Application to [email protected]


Public Art Plans/Ordinances

Public Art Master Plan

Percent for Art Ordinance

Atlanta’s Public Art Gift Policy