cheap silicone wristbands

The spirit of courage.
This strap is initiated by the Tour de France champion Armstrong, meaning strong and brave to let people live, beat cancer pain to people around the world to bring cheap silicone wristbands. And Armstrong issued a joint NIKE company, Global Cancer Fund for financing. September 1996, at age 25, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and has spread to the lungs and brain, and only 50% cheap silicone wristbands chance of survival. However, he tenaciously to overcome the disease, the treatment of a comeback after a year, and won the overall victory in the Tour de France in 1999, and then successfully defended every year. To July 25, 2004, he had become the first "six-time winner" Bainianhuanfa contest history, and thus he was regarded as a spirit of self many Americans idol.
December 1996, Armstrong cheap silicone wristbands was set up in his home with his eponymous foundation, the purpose is to help cheap silicone wristbands all people with cancer find qualified physicians and appropriate therapy and undergo a severe test of courage and optimism. May 2005 before the cheap silicone wristbands Tour de France, Lance Armstrong Foundation, together with sponsors Nike by Nike to design this yellow wristbands. They produced a total of five million yellow wristbands, each priced at one dollar. Wrist cheap silicone wristbands ring by rubber-like material made of silicone, also be printed with Armstrong's famous "live strong" (Live Strong, these words are "energetic Strong" pun intended).