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Chastian Hosts Two New Drawing Pop-up Workshops This Fall

Artwork by Jessica Locklar

This Fall, Chastain Arts Center and Gallery will introduce two, new one-day only drawing workshops from new Chastain instructor, Jessica Locklar.  During these workshops, students will learn to draw with realism in their artwork using the same techniques Locklar uses in creating her own artwork.  No matter your skill level with drawing, these workshops are for you.


NEW! Drawing the Face With Colored Pencil

Dates: October, Sat. 19 and October, Sat. 25

Time: 10 AM 2 PM

Cost: $28 (1 Day)

While learning about the history of collage, students will create mixed media works that emphasize the use of color, texture, and imagery. Inspired by such masters as Matisse and Picasso, students will be taken through the collage process, from basic painting and drawing techniques, to composition and assemblage, and then to completion. Students are welcome to bring in items which they would like to incorporate into their collages


Dates: October, Sat. 5 and November, Sat. 23

Time: 10 AM 2 PM

Cost: $28 (1 Day)

NEW! Drawing Eyes, Lips, & Noses

In this class, Locklar will teach you how to render facial features convincingly using graphite, colored pencils, and some ink. In addition, Locklar will be drawing from photo references, but we will not be tracing.