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ELEVATE: Summer – A New Summertime Public Art Event

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The City of Atlanta – Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs – Public Art Services (OCA) is proud to announce the debut of a one day summer ELEVATE event called ELEVATE: Summer. This event will be the start of making the ELEVATE public art program a year-round experience. ELEVATE: Summer will feature public art installations, music, dance, performance art, food, and drinks. This new summertime event will take place on Broad St. SW on Friday, July 22nd from 3:00-11:00 pm.

Hosted annually in downtown Atlanta by the OCA, ELEVATE is a temporary public art program that seeks to activate the downtown Atlanta area through visual art, performances, and cultural events. The focus of ELEVATE is to provide free public art and community engagement experiences with the goal of increasing the cultural and economic vitality of the downtown area. Through workshops, panel discussions, partnerships, collaborations, and public art, the OCA seeks to create events through the ELEVATE public art program that promote the creative community of Atlanta, impact the Atlanta economy, increase the quality of life for our citizens, and gain global attention for our city as a creative and culturally engaging contemporary city. In order to extend this goal, this year, the OCA has decided to supplement October’s ELEVATE program with ELEVATE: Summer. During this summer event the OCA will announce the theme for October’s ELEVATE program.

Stay tuned in to our website and social media platforms for upcoming news on ELEVATE: Summer!}