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Gallery 72: Current and Upcoming


Cameroonian Author Audifac Ignace will celebrate the release of his new children’s book Cuckoo and the Destiny with a theatrical musical performance and reading at Gallery 72. This event will be co-hosted by The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. This event is free and open to the public. However, we do ask that you RSVP to the event via Eventbrite. Click here to RSVP.

About the Book

“Cuckoo and the Destiny” is a fascinating story of the life of Moni, the pregnant cuckoo bird who decides to abandon her home, her mom Kima, and all her relatives to fly far away to the forest of Shudime. Unfortunately, Moni is not accepted by the animal kingdom she has migrated to. As a newcomer she may easily get eaten, and cannot build a nest for shelter to lay her eggs. With these hardships Moni’s adventure begins.

“Cuckoo and the Destiny” is part of a series of tales told by Audifac’s grandma KWANEUNE, who was living in a forest village of Cameroon when certain values and traditions were strictly orally transmitted. To entertain and educate the children of the village, she danced, sung and told stories using the slogan: “All stories that are not told, are lost.” With his book Cuckoo and the Destiny, Audifac pays homage to his Grandmother and her fascinating folk tales.

About the Author 

Born in Cameroon, Audifac Ignace graduated from Italian univerity with degrees in Economics and Communications.  He is the former founder and director of the bilingual journal (French and Italian) TAM-TAM TIMES. He worked in the press and radio for over 20 years in Italy.  He is the bestseller of the books: “RACCONTI DELLA FORESTA” and : “ET SI DIEU N’AIMAIT PAS LES NOIRS: Enquete sur leracisme au Vatican”. He currently lives and works in Atlanta.



Gallery 72 recently opened a new dual exhibition by artist Cynthia Farnell titled “Ancestors” and “Milk and Wine.” The exhibition will be on view April 14- June 30, 2016.

About the exhibition:

Cynthia Farnell’s dual installations, Ancestors and Milk and Wine, are explorations of cultural and personal memory via the intertextual relationships between photographs, objects and projected images. Ancestors is a surreal mingling of mythological and archetypal imagery related to Farnell’s ancestral ties in Alabama and the Caribbean. Milk and Wine uses her father’s lifelong hobby of cultivating lilies to explore how we incorporate, carry, and pass on memory, place and identity.

About the Artist:

Alabama native Cynthia Farnell is a visual artist working in lens-based media. Much of her work addresses the shifting meanings of home, place, community and identity in contemporary life.

Farnell currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is the director of the Welch School Galleries at Georgia State University. She has exhibited her work internationally including venues in New York City, France, New England and the southern United States. She has been awarded residencies at The Sloss Furnaces Visiting Artist Program in Birmingham, Alabama and at the Virginia Center For Creative Arts in Amherst, Virginia. Her work is in the permanent collections of the International Center of Photography, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art and the Myrtle Beach Art Museum.

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