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Gallery 72 Grand Opening and Inaugural Exhibition

Grand Opening:: MAY 08 :: 6pm-8pm

Exhibition ::  Foreword (Craig Drennen, Nikita Gale, Pablo Gnecco, InKyoung Chun, Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle)

Gallery Hours: M-F 8am-5pm; S TBA



Atlanta is increasingly gaining recognition for the thriving and progressing art scene and exponential talent within the City’s borders. From artwork produced within Atlanta to artistic creations exhibited through one of our various museums or numerous galleries, Atlanta is quickly gaining acclaim for cutting edge exhibition styles and high quality artwork.

Foreword explores the artwork of six artists of varying backgrounds who produce and exhibit artwork within the City of Atlanta. Foreword is intended as an introduction to the exhibiting artists, the galleries that represent them and their relationship with the City of Atlanta. These artists work have also been selected to harmonize with the building design and aesthetic elements of the unique North and South galleries and speak to the energy and personal interaction within the space.

These 6 local, national and international artists exhibit an abbreviated view and brief introduction to the cultural offerings available within Atlanta, enticing visitors to explore further into the City’s brilliantly diverse and creative landscape, visit the local galleries, tour artists’ studios and become or continue to be a learned patron of the cultural wealth within Atlanta Ga.

Exhibiting artists hail from diverse backgrounds, living inside and outside of City, working in digital and non digital media.


Representing Galleries:

Marcia Wood:


Poem 88:





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