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It’s The Simple Things… Opening June 24th at Chastain Arts Center

simple things



It’s the Simple Things is an exhibition of two dimensional works featuring the common “things” you find around the house.

Sometimes the most ordinary things become extraordinary by presenting them through a new perspective.  A splash of color, heavy texture or a floating object, can shift your attention from moderate to the intriguing!

This exhibition examines the overlooked objects of daily life with the focus of ordinary objects.  Artists have presented scraps of paper, household tools and food as the subjects for their works of art, shifting the context of the contemporary still-life.

Participating Georgia based artists including –Philip Carpenter, Karen Appleton, Wesley Terpstra and David Wendel.  These artists represent access to the still life through divergent artistic approaches; from Karen Appleton’s impasto paintings, to Wesley Terpstra’ s intimate trompe l’oeil paintings; the works challenge, yet engage your idea of art.