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CALL FOR ARTISTS: OCA Seeks Mural Proposals for Utility Boxes in Cascade Heights


Request for Proposals: The City Of Atlanta – Mayor’s Office Of Cultural Affairs’ (OCA) Public Art Program Seeks Professional Visual Artists to Create Painted Designs on Traffic Light Utility Boxes for ELEVATE: Cascade 2018


Video is courtesy of Matt Evans


The City of Atlanta – Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ (OCA) Public Art Program seeks proposals from local professional visual artists to adorn metal traffic light utility boxes with original painted artworks. The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Services has identified two (2) traffic light utility boxes in the Cascade Heights neighborhood and is seeking professional, visual artists to adorn them with 2-D, painted artworks.

Project/ Scope of Work


Project Description

If selected, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs will provide artists with an outdoor location to a traffic light utility box or pedestal utility box in the neighborhood.  Each artist will embellish the box on-site with original, hand-painted works of art. Paint and respirators will be provided to the artists, along with an artist fee/compensation of $800. Artists will be responsible for completing the design for the mural and applying the paint to the utility box.

*Please note: the exhibition of the artist-painted utility boxes will be a”‘temporary” installation. The OCA anticipates leaving the painted boxes in place until the murals become dilapidated.

Project Timeline

August 1: Proposals due

August 13: Selected artists will be notified

August 18: Artist orientation re: expectations and materials (Saturday)

September 28: Utility Boxes must be complete


Awarded artists will receive artist fee/compensation of $800 for painting a traffic light utility box. In addition to the $800 award, the Office of Cultural Affairs will provide protective breathing equipment (respirators) and will purchase oil enamel paints for each artist to use (up to $200). Artists will be required to provide their own preferred paint application supplies (sprayers, brushes, or other).

Artist Compliance

Artists must complete their assigned utility box by September 28, 2018 or risk breach of contract. Non-local or regional artists may apply, but there will be no travel compensation provided by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Artists must prime boxes prior to painting them (primer paint will be provided by the OCA).

Proposal Evaluation Criteria


Painting proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Originality of Design

Is the artwork unique and original to the proposing artist?

Artistic Merit of Design

Is the design visually and conceptually stimulating?

Design’s relevance to Cascade Heights and surrounding neighborhoods

How will the design interact with its viewers in this community? Is the subject matter or design relevant and appropriate for this audience?

Previous professional art experience

Do the submitted portfolio examples show artistic merit and support the proposal’s feasibility?


Proposal Guidelines & Requirements


A written summary describing the proposed painted artwork(max 250 words)

Contact information for artist including name, address, telephone number, & email address

Examples of past works -5 JPEG of five relevant artworks.

Renderings of proposed painted design(s) for the utility boxes.

Using one of two options:

Hand drawing

Digital drawing

Biographic information including written explanation of past relevant experience and artist Resume or CV.

Paint Pallet selection and budget list -Artists will be required to use “1 Shot” enamel paint products. Painting supplies (including respirators and paint) will be supplied by the OCA. Please include in your proposal a list of 1 Shot enamel colors, including the prices that you will need to complete your design. Artist may use any colors from the URL links below. List of paints needed must not exceed $200.

*Artist may also apply for the Mural Bike Rack Project but designs must be completely different.

Please email application packets to:

For any questions regarding the project or the proposal submission, please contact Briana X. Camelo at ­


Contract Terms


The OCA will negotiate contract terms upon selection.  All contracts are subject to review by the City of Atlanta’s legal counsel, and a project will be awarded upon signing of an agreement or contract which outlines the terms, scope, budget, and other necessary items. All content, coding, and graphics used will become the sole property of the Office of Cultural Affairs.


Selection Notice


Proposals will be evaluated beginning August 10, 2018. Selected artists will be notified by August 13. Artists will be contacted, and contracts will be handled shortly after. Non-accepted artists will be notified by August 17, 2018.

All artists will need to sign and date a professional service agreement upon selection. The contract will be given to the artists at the time of orientation.