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OCA Public Art Team Restores “Fish Dreams” by Lynn Linnemeier

Before treatment (left and right)

The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ Conservation and Maintenance Manager, Shannon Douglas Kimbro, and Conservation Technician, Adrian Barzaga, with the assistance of Laura Lewis of Elm Studios, LLC and local artist, Cara Davis, treated “Fish Dreams” by Lynn Linnemeier.  The 6-panel mural on the Adams Park Pool House was created in 1992. Facing pool house parking, this mural welcomes visitors and community members to the Adams Park Pool.

The previously applied varnish was blanching, causing visibly milky areas in the aged finish, and possibly, additionally, blooming, with is a superficial cloudy area in varnish, most often caused by moisture penetrating the varnish layer.

The cloudy or milk areas, visible in photographic documentation prior to treatment, were distracting and characteristic of a failing protective coating.  Previous attempts to scrub off the milky areas had resulted in pigment losses.

The mural was gently and thoroughly cleaned, and isolation varnish was applied.  Paint touch ups concealed minor pigment losses and a top coat of Goldens MSA-UVLS Mural Formulation Varnish was applied.  Visitor and community members are now able to view the mural without obstruction.