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OCA Restores Sculpture of Former Council Member

Side-by-Side Comparison of Restoration. Before Restoration (Left) and After Restoration (Right)

The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ Conservation and Maintenance Team recently completed treatment of “Architect for the Future, Barbara Asher” by sculptors Don Haugan and Teena Stern.

Created in 1997, the sculptor captures the likeness of former City Council Member, Barbara Asher, who was instrumental in bringing the Olympics to Atlanta. This monument provides visual interest while beautifying this important downtown district.

The OCA Conservation and Maintenance Manager, Shannon Douglas Kimbro, initiated treatment on January 11, 2019, with the assistance of Conservation Technicians Adrian Barzaga and Addison Adams.

The team addressed the oxidation on the sculpture’s surface and missing silicone seals in the plaza. To round out the restoration, the trio cleaned the area around the statue and polished it with a new coat of wax.

Several pedestrians thanked the team for their work and mentioned the impact former Council Member Asher had on Atlanta.

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