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OCA’s Public Art Team Restores “Emerging” Sculpture


“Emerging” is located at the intersection of Spring Street NW and Carnegie Way NW, in front of The Westin Peachtree Plaza.

The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art team just completed restoration of “Emerging.” 
Created in 1981 by Atlanta-based sculptor Mark Smith, the bronze sculpture resides at the intersection of Spring Street NW and Carnegie Way NW and depicts a partial male figure posed in the process of standing up from a crouching position. 
The flat highly polished surface on top of the figure reflects the moving streetscape and towering skyscrapers around it. Each side of the reflective surface offers a unique view of the surrounding area while creating symbolism of a contemporary man “emerging” from the environment. 
The sculpture underwent restoration in September. The exterior of the sculpture was washed, treated, waxed, and polished to restore the surface’s original shine. The Public Art’s Conservation and Maintenance Team also addressed the staining on the concrete under the figure’s left foot and copper staining on the sculpture. 
For more information about the sculpture and the City’s Public Art Collection, visit our Arts Hub.