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Public Art Program Installs Three Artworks at New ZONE 3 Police Precinct

Exterior photo of Gregor Turk’s “Coalescence” on the south tower of of the Zone 3 Police Precinct on Metropolitan Parkway

Through a partnership with The City of Atlanta’s Department of Enterprise Asset Management, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs recently acquired artworks for the new Zone 3 police precinct on Metropolitan Parkway.

The three artworks were recently installed in the new, nearly 20,000 square foot police precinct and were created by local artists Gregor Turk, Fred Ajanogha, Marianne Weinberg-Benson, and D’Andre Brooks. The artworks were selected by a panel of community members, arts administrators, and APD representatives. 

Turk’s installation, “Coalescence,” is a semi-transparent window installation designed with abstracted historical photographs of the community. Ajanogha’s “Unity” is a relief sculpture inspired by the Atlanta Police Department’s community plans. “Solidarity in Solitude,” created by creative duo Marianne Weinberg-Benson and D’Andre Brooks, is a three-dimensional, mix-media mural comprised of multiple elements, including paint and community photographs.

“Unity” created by Fred Ajanogha


“Solidarity in Solitude” created by Marianne Weinberg-Benson and D’Andre Brooks