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Gallery 72 Ephemeral Eternity: Memory, Ritual, and Myth in a time of Dissolution




March 5th  – May 1st

Artists: Robin Bernat , Jessica Scott Felder, Karen Tauches, Wendy Phillips.

Ephemeral Eternity: Memory, Ritual, and Myth in a time of Dissolution is an exhibition focusing on the transience of the human condition, and the power of myth, memory and ritual to forestall vanishing and contested histories and identities. This exhibition examines the acts humanity uses to hold onto beloved memories and contested histories ranging from the personal to the political and the mythic. How we remember the past and process its influence on our present has always been and will always be a part of the human condition. How we record, protect and keep what is beloved becomes the basis for our rituals and myths, for our faiths and our archiving.   The artists in this exhibition work in many forms of media and were chosen due to varied ways they represent our physical and emotional histories.

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Gallery 72 Voted Best New Gallery 2014 by Creative Loafing


Best New Gallery: Gallery 72

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The latest addition to Atlanta’s legacy of municipal galleries doubles as a testament to the value of rehabilitated urban spaces. By turning the bottom floor of the former Atlanta Journal-Constitutionheadquarters on Marietta Street into GALLERY 72, the city honored its spoken commitments to Downtown and the arts. Perhaps it’s no small irony that Courtney Hammond serves as the manager of Gallery 72 for the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. As one-half of celebrated local arts organization Dashboard Co-op, Hammond, with co-founder Beth Malone, have been credited with helping to revive interest in otherwise decimated intown properties by hosting exhibits and installations in neglected buildings. A $100,000 redesign of the 3,000-square-foot space, executed by Stanley Beaman & Sears, features a nine-story outside marquee designed to mimic the movement of the modern printing press. But it’s the exhibits inside that have reflected the state of Atlanta’s art scene. The inaugural exhibit featured works from local artists, including Nikita Gale, Craig Drennen, and InKyoung Chun, curated by local galleries Saltworks, Poem 88, and Marcia Wood. A civil war-themed exhibit curated by celebrated Atlanta artist Radcliffe Bailey ranged from Stephen Shames’ iconic photography of the Black Panthers to South African contemporary artist Mohau Modisakeng’s art video installation of mourning, “Inzilo.” The gallery also hosted the second annual Walthall Fellowship exhibition featuring works by emerging Atlanta artists in partnership with WonderRoot and the Zuckerman Museum of Art. By working with local galleries and curators, the OCA is curating the best of, and for, Atlanta.